While I’d like to say that I buy a good majority of the albums that I own, I would join the ranks of millions of peopleliars whose iTunes libraries consist of thousands of mp3 tracks that were somehow seedily acquired via the internet. I’m sure many would agree. The music industry just doesn’t produce quality product anymore. On top of which, they over charge for mediocre product with little to no return on customer investment.

Don’t get me wrong. There is A LOT of new music out there that I absolutely adore and will go out of my way to make purchase of their music. But, with a fancy turntable, my personal interest in starting my own vinyl collection, and the industry growing wise to the incitement of the medium by including mp3 versions of the pressing with purchase, like many fans, I will only spend the money to get an album if the artist is worth it.

It used to be that LPs came full of 15-20 tracks of great songs that made you want to listen to an album from track 1 thru the end. There are few albums that exist post 1998-1997 that I truly think are worth the hour+ investment of time. And there aren’t many singles that I don’t feel guilty spending $.99-$1.20 in order to add to my collection.

So, why even bring this up? Why even make a stink about it?

It seems like the beloved invite-only it-leakedcommunity has plugged the plug, once and for good. Funny enough, I had just recently joined the community and only had a short period of time to reap the benefits of finding full LPs of some really great and often new music. While many argue, contest, and shame the pirate community of their “stealing”, many artists capitalize on the opportunity to spread awareness of their art in this manner. Consider what Trent Reznor has done in recent years with a lot of NIN material?

There’s a fine line in understanding why this manner of supporting music is so popular and whether or not it’s kosher. I think what’s the saddest thing about the it-leaked site closing it’s doors is more so a reflection of the community that loved it so. If it’s funding they needed, would the subscribers have contributed to “keeping the hope alive”?

Thankfully, because the internet is so robust with resources, one site down won’t kill peoples desire to pirate music.


This is Da Voice: Season 5 Live Shows Premiere

So, let’s be honest. We all know that we didn’t like ALL of the people that made it through to the Live Shows. And, we all had to know that Blake wasn’t going to keep his token country singer even though it seems like the most likely choice. Plus, the two country signers on the show weren’t superb singers like Season 4 winner Danielle Bradbury (that girl had some RIDICULOUS pitch). If I would have been any of the coaches in the hot seat to choose, I would have done the same.

Who’s left?

Courtesy of LA Times

Courtesy of LA Times

Team Blake

Cole Vosbury (@ColeVosbury)

Austin Jenckes (@AustinJenckes)

Ray Boudreaux (@RayBoudreaux)

Team CeeLo

Caroline Pennell (@carolinepennell)

Kat Robichaud (@katrowbeeshow)

Jonny Gray (@jonnygraymusic)

Team Cristina

Jacquie Lee (@jacquieleemusic)

Josh Logan (@Josh_Logan)

Matthew Schuler (@MSchulerMusic)

Team Adam

Will Champlin (@willchamplin)

James Wolpert (@JamesPWolpert)

Tessanne Chin (@Tessanne)

No joke. I don’t think Blake has the upper hand this season. Caroline and Jacquie are gonna give the rest of the contestants a true run for their money. The two little ladies pack a lot of power.¬†Anyone else think it’s funny that the winners are getting younger and younger as each season passes? (Or miss watching Michelle Chamuel??)

SAY WHAT?!?!?!?! Instant SAVE!!! Tweet to SAVE!? Yea…this show is starting to get ridunk-ulous. As if I didn’t already have a Twitter problem.

Music Monday: Yuna


It’s really no surprise that of all the things I decide to click on as I am rummaging through music blogs and track listings under Discover that I pick the one that looks the most eccentric. We all know that I can be pretty bad about judging a book/album by it’s cover. Still. Yuna is a pretty special singer. (And it’s kinda hard not to like her innocent rasp and unique style cause it reminds me of Caroline on this season of The Voice). But also with the released of artists like Lordes, it’s just hard not to like this chick. With celebrity and renowned producer Pharrell Williams backing her and nods from the MTV community, it’s surprising that she hasn’t hit the mainstream quicker since her freshman LP hit the charts in 2012. There are for sure some tracks that groove much like Quadron (heh after writing that, I just read that Robin Hannibal from Quadron produced “Falling” on the Nocturnal LP released 10.29). She’s got a fun, upbeat, feel good style. And who doesn’t need more fun, upbeat, feel good in their life.

Check her out and listen for yourself. If I’m wrong, then tell me below!

Check out the Pharrell produced track below!


On to the next holiday!

Turkey Day Comic - Bizzaro ComicsHow is it that we already are overwhelmed with the sitings of Christmas decor already everywhere we go? Sometimes I think that as each holiday passes, we more and more forget about what the holiday is about. Granted, there for sure are some dumb ones at that. For example, today is X-Ray Day according to Days of the Year, a site that tracks daily holidays for those who are interested in having any excuse to wish people well on a daily basis because of a holiday rather than out of their own genuine interests. On the other hand, with the major holidays coming up, it is the best time of the year to sit down around the tube (or projector screen) with friends and family to snuggle up and watch some great holiday entertainment.

I wonder. Are there any Turkey Day songs or movies?


The Muppets: Friendly Puppets vs. Communists

Welcome to another episode of the Verses Games. Todays contenders are the Muppets of yesteryear verses the Muppets of today. Jim Henson was the creator of The Muppets back in 1955. When these talking puppets first came out, they invaded the lives of so many children that believed the puppets were actually interacting with them. But it wasn’t until much time later, 1976, that Henson actually started the series, “The Muppet Show.” It was basically a children’s version of SNL with puppets. I can’t break it down much better than that. The Muppets were a TV sensation and the series soon had guest stars such as Julie Andrews, Elton John, Carol Channing, Harry Belafonte, Alice Cooper, Dom Deluise, Gene Kelly, Liza Minnelli, and Rita Moreno. The show brought more than 125 special guests to their air time and everyone in America wanted to tune in to not miss whatever celebrity was going to be on next. By the mid 80’s, the Muppets had crashed into American households both on the small and big screen. After 3 movies with Henson, if you didn’t know who Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy or Fozzie Bear were, you were clearly not in the “in-crowd.” I mean, come on! If you don’t know all the words to “Rainbow Connection,” this article is above your intellectual level. After Henson death, Disney took over the franchise not actually purchasing the intellectual propriety until 2004.

And thus begins the Muppets of today. The Communists that America has let back in their homes. Remaking songs such as, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You.” Lets not forget the movie that was released in 2011 that had an underlining meaning with the Muppets being up against an evil Oil Company Man wanting to tear down their beloved theater (Ergo critics and reviewers started referring to the Muppets as Communists). Of course the Muppets and Disney decided to make the plot of the movie a red herring for promoting Communism (she said very sarcastically). In the Movie special guests included, Whoopi Goldberg, Selena Gomez, David Grohl, Neil Patrick Harris, Judd Hirsch, John Krasinski, and Rico Rodriguez. In March of 2014, “The Muppets: Most Wanted” is coming out. Who would want to miss out on a movie featuring Kermit and his budding pals!?

And so we’ve come down to the wire. It’s a close call considering that Friendly Puppets vs. Communists is a hard decision to make. Being a product of the original Muppets and the Muppet Show, you’d think that I’d be the first person to say that my darling friends win however, if I was a smart and responsible person, I would NOT want to go up against a bunch of Communist puppets. So lets flip a coin shall we?… And the winner of this verses is….

IT’S A TIE!!!!

Just kidding. The Friendly Muppets of yore is the winner for this episode of Verses Games. Does it really surprise you? Let’s me honest, “It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight,” gets stuck in your head just like the old “Mahna Mahna” video and just like, “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, The lovers, the dreamers and me,” can. Let’s be real for a sec, more than 20 artists have covered this song since it was released. Need I really say more?


At a Theatre Near You



November 15

Reading the Sunday comic strips has always been a past time for me and my family, gathering up around my grandparents dining room table to eat breakfast and point out the funnies we’d think the other would get a hoot out of. I was late to the Calvin and Hobbs game. It wasn’t until college that I started to read the strip. This documentary hits it square on the head, capturing what people think and love about the beloved duo. Though documentaries can be hit or miss, it seems that with such a robust history of the comic strips industry and the publics adoration for Mr. Wattersons work, it would be hard to guess that this would be anything short of a interesting watch. I love learning more about what goes into things we all love and what inspired their maker. It’ll be something to watch and a difficult one to find at that.



November 22

If you’ve seen Eternal Sunshine or even the Science of Sleep, I’m sure you understand the eccentric mind of Michel Gondry. And then to partner that creativity with the philosophy of one of the worlds greatest intellectuals, Noam Chomsky? Epic. From the looks of the trailer, it seems that a majority of the movie is animated to the audio of Chomsky discussing human happiness and our psyche. If you’re an art fan and love movies, music, entertainment that stretches the brain, don’t be surprised if you love this movie. The trailer alone has the art geek in me anxiously anticipating it to come to theaters.



December 25

Ben Stiller directs this remake of a Danny Kaye [after a ton of pre-production drama]. Watching the trailer, it’s hard not to think that good old Ben relied on the directing style of his friend Wes Anderson. I had thought that Wes might have directed when I first saw this trailer, but the moments that Walter Mitty zones out is animated in such a manner that Stiller seems to have found a way to marry what he has learned from the likes of his pal, Michel Gondry, sev. I really am excited to see this movie for the whimsy it adds to the characters’ imagination. We all romanticize life. Some more than others. Ben Stiller sure has a lot to live up to.


Music Monday: Radio 1 Live Lounge Covers

My absolute favorite thing next to gut busting comedies and karaoke is when artists make covers of other artists’ popular songs. The Live Lounge on Radio 1, a BBC network, has been hosting popular global artists and even UK artists to come to their famous studios and play music. Although the show is something that is only aired in the UK, they have a channel on YouTube where they host a bunch of the songs they record. As a part of each visit, they ask that every artists plays a secret cover song. Much like any cover, some are ok while others really make the song something very unique to that given artist. Here are just a few that I love to listen to that come from over the last two years and even more so recently.

Jessie J covers We Found Love

Rita Ora covers Hey Ya

Florence and The Machine covers Take Care

Ben Howard covers Call Me Maybe

James Arthur covers Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High

Dan Croll covers Roar

You have to know that when you see anyone try to cover any of the disastrous current state that is Miley Cyrus is really hard not to want to share it. Especially when it’s better than the original.

Haim covers Wrecking Ball